Pink Amethyst


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Beautiful high grade Pink Amethyst point with amazing colour and sparkle

Measurements – 130 x 70 x 55mm

Weight – 870 g

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Pink Amethyst is a newly discovered form of Quartz from Patagonia, Argentina. The colour range is the result of inclusions of Hematite, and can range from pale lilac/pink to a deeper toned peachy/pink.

The frequency of Pink Amethyst connects to the heart, third eye and crown chakras. It is a crystal of love, compassion and healing. Stimulating the higher chakras, this stone helps to strengthen intuition and spiritual awareness, while opening up the heart centre to unconditional love and divine guidance.

The soft but powerful energy of this beautiful pink crystal teaches acceptance and promotes emotional balance, giving a sense of overall peace and calm.

Dimensions 130 × 70 × 55 mm