Phantom Quartz


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Top quality Clear Quartz point from Brazil with multiple phantoms.

Measurements – 88 x 65mm

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Phantom Quartz is a variety of crystal that has formed earlier existing crystals over the course of millions of years. Phantoms are created when a crystal growth is interrupted and then begins to form again. This leaves a sort of shadow behind of a smaller crystal within the main one.

Metaphysically, this stone carries the cleansing and clarifying properties of Quartz, along with some added attributes. Phantom Quartz is an effective aura cleanser – It will dispel the negative energies that linger in your space. This crystal is also known to work on increasing your spiritual development and personal transformation.

Clear Quartz brings clarity to your thoughts and communication. It is a powerful amplifier of intention, and will help you to remain clear-headed and focused while helping you to manifest the life you want. Keep this stone in your home or workspace to attract light and healing energy into your environment.

Dimensions 88 × 65 mm