Aquatic Amazonite


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Stunning Aquatic Amazonite point with lovely colour. From India

Measurements – 148 x 54mm


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Aquatic Amazonite is a type of Amazonite found in India, with colours ranging from beautiful pale sky-blue to darker blue-green tones, often with hints of white. 

It is a known as a stone of truth, honor, communication, integrity and trust. Amazonite is said to enhance intuition while strengthening the intellect and increasing psychic ability. Often associated with the throat chakra, this helpful stone is said to be beneficial to open communication and self-expression.

Amazonite holds the calming energies of the ocean and stabilising vibrations of the earth. Use this powerful crystal during meditation; it has a deep calming effect on the mind, assisting in the release of negative emotions. Sitting with this stone will help to magnify your intentions while cleansing and purifying the energy around you.

Dimensions 148 × 54 mm