Celebrating Imbolc

Today, in the Southern Hemisphere, we celebrate Imbolc, a Celtic tradition that marks the first signs of Spring. As the Earth warms up and new life emerges from the soil, we begin to leave behind the cold winter months of internal reflection and step into a new bright energy of creativity and abundance. Imbolc celebrates the reawakening of the natural world and honors the goddess energy of fertility and new life.

A few simple ways you can celebrate:

  • Light a fire or candle and set new intentions for growth and renewal
  • Clean, tidy and cleanse your space; open all your windows
  • Drink herbal teas of rosemary, chamomile, myrrh or mint
  • Use floral essential oils like geranium, jasmine or ylang ylang
  • Meditate with crystals like Malachite (for personal growth and transformation), Carnelian (for creativity and fertility), Honey Calcite (for developing new ideas), or Citrine (to honor fire energy)

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